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Bagage anglais du niveau baccalauréat





Les 200


Utiles à savoir, essentiellement dans le milieu

des affaires et du management



Retour Expressions anglaises – Partie 1





Les mots en rose sont ceux du jargon des affaires, du management, de la technique. À connaître!

En cases jaunes, les mots incontournables.

Un mot peut se trouver ailleurs que dans l'entrée principale. Faites Ctrl F pour le rechercher dans l'ensemble du document.




Made up

Formé de,


*    The membership association is made up of more than 2,500 of the world's leading biological institutions.

Make up

Former, constituter, être

*    They make up the largest number of computers.

*    Elements that make up plastic.

Make up my mind

Se décider, se faire une opinion

*    I cannot make up my mind.

*    I try to make up my mind about it, on that point.

Make up for

Compenser, réparer, rattraper

*    Actions to make up for the increase in cost, for lost time ...

Make do with

Se contenter de

*    They have to make do with low fixed incomes (revenus).

Make sense

Valable, cohérent, fondé

*    It would not make sense to apply the full set of requirements.

*    It would make sense to remove this irrelevant article



As a matter of fact

Sujet, question, affaire


En effet, d'ailleurs, voilà ..

En réalité

*    But it is quite another matter when a large number is given to determine its factors.

*    It's a matter of general interest.

*    As a matter of fact nobody knows.


(comply, fulfill)

satisfaire, être en accord

*    To meet the specifications; the requirements for sustainable development.

*    To meet the needs; criteria; deadline; challenge; demand; conditions; needs; definition; target, costs; obligations; schedule ...

*    To determine whether they correctly meet the specifications.

*    If it fails to meet even one of the criteria.


Faire attention

S'occuper de

*    But nowadays, somehow, neither politicians nor public opinion seem to mind when huge trusts announce new mergers: the question is not even debated.

Minutes of meeting

Compte rendu de réunion

*    The minutes of meeting record the decisions taken at the meeting.


Qui induit en erreur, fallacieux, faux, trompeur

*    This chapter contains several misleading statements.

*    Don't supply false, incorrect or misleading information.


Atténuer, chercher un compromis

*    Let's proceed to a deep analysis and see how we could mitigate the risks.

*    There is also a need to mitigate the indirect costs.

*    We would like to mitigate the consequence of this event.

*    A study that will lead to a plan to mitigate interference.


Capital, retentissant, mémorable

*    We have enjoyed a momentous year in the arts.

*    It’s important to understand just how momentous a change this system would bring in.



*    Then a German-born mathematician and physicist by the name of Albert Einstein came along and changed everything.


(requirements, expectations)

Besoins, cahier des charges

*    To meet; unmeet the needs.

*    To identify; to clarify the needs.

*    The goal of a business should be to find out customer needs and then fine tune the process to ensure that they are met.

*    If you have no customer feedback, it is very difficult to understand their needs.



*    To negotiate a contract; a new agreement; the best possible terms; discounts; the task schedule ...

*    To negotiate the terms and conditions of a contract.


Totaliser, représenter

*    Adult Hispanics (USA) eligible to vote number 25 million this year.


Étrange, curieux, singulier,


*    It might seem odd to take a moment in our technology-driven lives to contemplate the humble and mysterious zero, the pivot upon which mathematics rotates.

*    It is an odd matter that we have to fix.

*    Rappel: odd number: nombre impair


Continu, en cours

*    In the context of the ongoing review. (Dans le cadre de la revue en cours).

*    This is an ongoing challenge ; action; work; process; practice; evaluation; development; growth; improvement; interactions; risk assessment.





*    To tell the truth -  à ne jamais dire, mais dîtes:
To be open, to speak openly,

*    I mean to speak openly of my dissatisfaction with the disproportional price you ask for.

*    I have a very open mind on this issue.


Fonctionner, opérer

*    He is operating in five countries


Remarquable, incomparable

*    Outstanding commitments, balance, personnel, year.


Vue d'ensemble, vision générale, aperçu

*    We need to get an exact overview of the situation.

*    Nevertheless, before you can begin to specialize, you need a broad overview of the science itself.

Paper tiger

Tigre de papier,

document ni fait ni à faire

*    We would not accept a paper tiger.

*    Even so, the whole document remains a paper tiger




Article, papier

*    This paper proposes…; explains ...; discusses …; describes …

*    This paper sets out how we can strengthen quality control.

*    This paper expresses the view of…

*    This paper begins with the description of …

*    This paper addresses question in connection with biology.

*    This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by constructor.

*    This document was prepared by …



*    Error, unable to parse.

*    Our team will parse the new data.

*    This expression cannot be parsed.

Pay attention

faire, prêter attention

*    To pay special attention at a few important issues.

*    To pay attention to the cat that …

*    Now on, we must pay attention to customer needs.


Réaliser, exécuter

*    Without software, computers are unable to perform any calculations or operations.


Lecture attentive

Examen soigneux

*    Respected Sir, I have ventured to send you the accompanying article for your perusal and opinion.

Place (in -)

En place, installé

*    All elements are in place in Lyon to provide one of the best shows.


Primaire, premier

*    Industrial relations are thus not the primary concern of these associations.


Progrès, déroulement, en cours

*    We are making good progress with the new automatic system.

*    The meeting is already in progress.


Se révéler

*    It would boost the city's image and prove a formidable communication tool.

*    It has proved a success for us.

*    The even numbers proved more refractor.


Fournir, offrir

*    To provide resources.

*    In this section, we provide more details.

*    In the present paper we provide a simple and systematic method for constructing any magic square.

*    We cannot abandon the victims to their fate, failing to provide support or a way out.

*    It provides students with the opportunity to earn better placement.

*    These algorithms provide examples for analysis of program efficiency.

*    ...using a debugger to provide information about the program as it runs and when it crashes.

Provided that

À condition que, pour autant que

*    I fully agree, provided that you meet the agreed specifications


Dispositions, indications, réserves

*    Special provisions should be made for …

*    Within the meaning of the provisions referred to in the first paragraph (au sens des dispositions visées au premier paragraphe).

*    Each provision must be project specific.

Put another way

Dit autrement

*    Yet many people are surprised to learn that all this ocean water constitutes only about 0.02 percent of the mass of Earth. Put another way, if our planet was a 300,000 kilogram Boeing 777, then all the water in the oceans would have the mass of a single passenger.



Établir un prix

Devis, tarif

*    Our last quotation remains valid until 31 July.

*    Contact us for a free quotation.

*    As soon as we do receive your request, we will send you a quotation.


Rationnel, raisonnable

*    No rational or economic element could be brought into play.

*    A rational choice


Justification, logique, fondement, argument, raisonnement


*    It is required to explain the rationale for the decision.

*    You should have a rationale to explain why …

*    The rationale for the proposal is as follows: …

*    The rationale is as follows: of the 2 tickets 1 has to be a looser but you do not know which.

*    I would like to explain the rationale behind the position adopted by the management.

*    I read the abstract but they don't cover the rationale there.

*    the rationale for capital punishment.

Research and development (R&D)

Recherche et développement

*    Research and development (R and D) is the search for new and improved products and industrial processes.

*    To carry out R&D.


(State of -)


Prêt à

(État de préparation)

*    It also recalled its readiness to assist in the reconstruction of the crashed building.

*    ...willingness to work and readiness to enhance output.


Concernant, en ce qui concerne

*    I've got complimentary remarks regarding our quality control.


Émission, édition

*    A press release

*    When the request for proposal will be released ...



*    This article is not relevant in these circumstances.

*    The report omitted several relevant facts.

*    To focus on relevant issues. (se concentrer sur les questions importantes)


Rester, demeurer

*    He remains one of the most famous mathematicians.



*    The comic strip featured this problem as a hard exam problem intended for a remedial math class but accidentally handed out to the normal class.



*    Progress report.

*    I should also like to stress a few items of importance, which are also covered in the report.



*    To comply with such a request.


Nécessiter, avoir besoin de, requérir

*    This task requires a much greater effort.

*    This dispute requires a legal analysis by our lawyers.

*    We mention that the machine required only 15 minutes to prove that this number is prime.


(needs, specifications)

Exigences, cahier des charges

*    According to the requirements.

*    To meet, to fulfil, to comply with the requirements.

*    We'll look carefully at the requirements.


Revue, examen

*    A full review of the specifications is required.

*    Let's review these data for completeness.

*    A monthly review.

*    We have to set up the objectives of the review.



Demande de propositions

*    Request for information, for tender, for proposal.
Demande d'informations, d'une offre, d'une proposition.



*    This, in fact, is the correct answer. But to justify this conclusion, you need a bit more rigor.



*    The average person finds it difficult to assess risks.

*    To mitigate the risks.


Tenir de la place

*    To play a great role.

*    Music means a lot to me.





Par souci d'exactitude

*    For the sake of exactness.


Programme, planning, emploi du temps, échéancier

*    Yes sir, we're on schedule; right on schedule; ahead of schedule; a bit late on schedule.

*    He's got a very busy schedule.

*    A tight schedule.

*    To adhere to a strict schedule.

*    This will be difficult to include all these tasks into the schedule

Screw up

Gâcher, se gâter; bousiller.


*    Things screw up after 5 because the 1 in the ten's place from 13 is getting carried over and added to the 8, giving 9.

*    I screwed up my career because of one bad decision.


it makes sense

Il est raisonnable, il est logique, il est judicieux, il est plausible

*    It makes sense that multiplicative sequences should offer high prospects for survival.

*    In some cases, it makes sense to wait until the new year.


"Dépendre de" (tournure)

"Qui différencie"

*    The names of local variables are case sensitive.

*    The password must have between 6 and 8 characters and is not case sensitive.

Set up

établir, mettre en place, mettre sur pied, fonder, établir, installer, configurer

*    To set up a commission; a meeting; a group of experts …

*    To set up a secure framework for new and fruitful discussions.

*    To set up a computer

Set the stage for


créer les conditions,

donner lieu à,

préparer la voix à

*    These studies will set the stage for further exploration.

*    This report set the stage for further discussion

*    The drivers’ demands were rejected, setting the stage for a prolonged transport strike.

*    Super Tuesday (01/01/2016) sets the stage for a Trump versus Clinton showdown (épreuve de force).

Setting to Work


Mise au point, intégration

*    Test des produits en sortie de fabrication (matériel) ou de programmation (logiciel) un par un, puis par sous-ensemble, et enfin pour la totalité du système.


Règlement, accord

*    We hope to reach a comprehensive settlement.

*    We'll help the parties reach a settlement.

*    A peaceful settlement of disputes.


Retombée, indirect

Nouvelle société suite à une scission

*    We look for spin-off benefits. (Nous recherchons un effet d'aubaine).

*    This could create a huge spin-off of new creative activities.

*    Pay attention to the importance of the spin-off effects. (effets indirects).

*    This company will spin off its computer-driven hedge funds into a separate company to focus on its flagship products.

*    The separation plan comes a week after X unveiled a similar bifurcation by spinning off its Y division.

So far

(up to now)

Jusqu'à présent,


*    From what I have read so far in reports.

*    Progress on the issue has so far proven difficult.

So far, so good

Jusqu'à présent tout va bien; très bien

*    So far, so good, but we must go further.



It sounds good

Solide, avisé


Ça semble valable; ça me va bien

*    A sound advise

*    His argument is basically sound.

*    We need to develop a sound theoretical foundation.

*    It sounds good on paper, but ...

*    It sounds good, looks good and it's easy to use.


Étape, phase

*    Three steps stages are necessary to complete this work.

*    A critical stage.


En jeu

*    What is at stake?  Human liberty is at stake.

*    To review all issues at stake.

*    But what is really at stake.



*    We deliver world-class standards.

*    A new accounting standard will apply.

*    This standard becomes a legal requirement.

*    The document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the construction department.


Point de vue

*    From the standpoint of being a statistician, I think there is sort of a fundamental misunderstanding about the probability associated with competition like the lottery


Affirmer, stipuler, déclarer, indiquer

*    The contract shall state that the procedure is mandatory.

*    Our first criterion states that all life contains DNA


Statement of Work (SOW)


Liste des travaux (cahier des charges)

*    The statement of solutions in a precise form

*    Up to now, we have drafted a statement of work.

*    The statement of work must clearly specify the responsibilities of each party.


Régulièrement, constamment, sans interruption

*    As a steadily employed actor he'd fallen into a routine.

*    The demand has grown steadiliy.

*    They are slowly but steadily increasing.

*    The price is rising steadily.

Stem from

Résulter, découler, être issu de

*    Their importance stems from the fact that they represent.

*    Perhaps the doubts raised stem from the very repetition of certain ideas.

Step back

Réculer, marquer un temps, prendre du recul

*    Step back and really examine the situation.

Strait to the point

Droit au but

Directement à l'essentiel

Entrer dans le vif du sujet

*    We'll get straight to the point.

*    They focus on the main issue and they are straight to the point.


Brouillon, document de travail

*    We just put together a strawman proposal.


Choses, trucs, affaires

*    I need to take all my stuff, to pack my stuff.

*    What do you do with all that stuff.

*    All the electronic stuff has been stolen.

*    On 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 will be the biggest Pi moment of our lifetimes. This is a big deal for people who follow this stuff.


Lutter, briguer, s'efforcer,

*    He was struggling for a second term.

*    He was struggling to have his experience recognized.

*    To struggle to improve quality.

*    To struggle to ensure that …



*    We plan to conduct a study.

*    To carry out a deeper study



Subject to

Objet, matière


Soumis à, à condition que

*    Le sujet d'un document d'un courriel se dit; subject, là où en français on met objet.

*    What is your favorite subject at school? (matière préférée).

*    Subject to authorization; minor modifications.


Remplacer, supplanter

*    This new specification supersedes the 2014 version.

*    This new document is not intended to replace or supersede the procedure in place in any way.



*    An important aspect of modern programming is the existence of extensive libraries that supply many common classes and methods.


durable, pérenne

(voir lasting)

*    An investment in both temporary and sustainable facilities.

*    It is too early to say if this concentration of big engineering talent is sustainable over the long haul. Durable à long terme)



*    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Forces, faiblesses, opportunités et risques.

*    An awareness of your own limitations and strengths.


S'attaquer à, faire face à

*    The Department is tackling the issue of interference to the GPS signal.

*    The Fast Fourier Transform dramatically reduced the way computation scales with problem size, making it practicable to solve many problems that could not otherwise be tackled. (La FFT réduit considérablement la façon dont le calcul évolue avec la taille du problème, rendant possible la résolution de nombreux problèmes qui ne pourraient pas être abordés autrement).

Take (my -)

Mon avis

*    But here's my take on what … (Mais, voici mon avis).

*    How do you wish the derivative was explained to you? Here's my take.

Take place

Avoir lieu

*    They could only take place in Paris.


To be tantamount to

Étre équivalent à

Revenir à

S'apparenter à

*    Silence is tantamount to acceptance.

*    This is tantamount to saying  that …

*    That will be tantamount to a setback (revers, échec)


To be on target

Cible, but, échéance

Être sur les rails pour

Être à l'heure

Atteindre les objectifs

*    To meet the target

*    To be on target for completing the setting up (la mise au point).

*    The construction is on target to be completed on time.

*    To be on target within 2% of the budget.

*    The objective is to agree on a target price.


Task force


Groupe de travail

*    We need to set up a specific task force to study the problem; to examine the parameters.

Teaming agreement

Accord de partenariat, d'association

Clauses de coopération

*    We just sign a teaming agreement with them.

*    A strategic; a global; a long-term; a multi-year teaming agreement.


and conditions

Clauses légales, modalités légales

*    The terms and conditions set out in the contract; are specified as attached to the contract.

*    The T's & C's negotiated with our lawyers.

Time Bomb

Bombe à retardement

*    We are looking at a healthcare time bomb. (Bombe à retardement).



*    As a rule of thumb (en gros, comme règle approximative)

*    A rule of thumb that help me evaluate the capacity  ...



*    They didn't want that Turkey became European.

*    They didn't want Turkey to become European.


By the same token

Dans le même ordre d'idée,

De la même manière,

Au même titre,

Dans le même esprit,

Du même coup,

Pour la même raison.

*    By the same token, I feel that ...

*    By the same token, people are likely to continue ...

*    By the same token, they believe that you have cheated them.

*    When he liked a person, he loved them, and, by the same token, when he didn't like a person, he hated them.



*    A trade-off between speed and quality.

*    Lower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair trade-off until we asked about interest charges.

*    Efforts for a better trade-off between economic, social and environmental needs.



*    Let's give it a try (Essayons, tentons l'expérience, donnons-lui une chance).

*    Please don't turn the page until you've given this problem a try.

Tune (In – with)

En accord avec

*    In tune with the times, Paris continues to shine while looking for the future.

Turn (in)

En conséquence, par voix de conséquence

*    There would be no decimal system — and in turn no complicated equations suitable for commerce, for statistics, for figures.

Turn to (let's - )

Abordons, examinons, parlons

*    Let's now turn to the security issue; towards the future; to the final conclusion; observed performances; our attention to ensuring that ...

*    Let's now turn to questioning for a moment. (Passons donc aux questions).

*    But before we begin the story, let us first turn to the principles on which this machine was based.


Ajuster, fignoler, peaufiner

*    We perfectly know the algorithm and we can easily tweak it to adapt to different customer needs.

*    It will simply tweak the system to make it fit for the present time.

*    They can tweak it and refine it over time.



*    Mathematics seems ubiquitous.


complexe, difficiele à manier

*    The Babylonian notation was unwieldy compared to the ten digits of the Hindus.

Up to date

À jour, moderne;

Au courant

*    I'll bring you most up to date information.

*    Up to date technology.

*    I'm certainly more up to date than he is.

*    Keep the file up to date at all time.

Up to now

(So far)

Jusqu'à présent, à ce jour

*    Up to now, we are on schedule.

*    The discussion we have heard up to now.

*    Up to now, we have assumed that

Up to you

À votre convenance, comme vous voulez

*    Up to you. It's your choice.

*    That is not up to you to decide.


Mettre à jour

*    This annual document gives an update on the employment situation throughout the company.


(good point)

Valable, recevable, précieux, utile

*    This is a valuable comment; point; remark; observation; contribution; advice.



*    Wage increase. (Augmentation de salaire).

*    To be paid a fair wage.

Wake (In the -  of)

À l'occasion

*    In the wake of the action taken by


Prudence, crainte, suspicion

*    Part of this wariness arises from the fact that …

*    This should be treated with wariness.



*    The withdrawal was completed on 31 July.

*    With regard to the withdrawal of those assessments (en ce qui concerne le retrait de ces avis, de ces évaluations).

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Description des tâches

*    Liste hiérarchisée des travaux élémentaires à accomplir pour réaliser  un produit, un système.

Work out

Résoudre, élaborer, mettre œuvre, régler

*    To work out solution; the budget; a plan; the details …

*    We cannot work out their dispute.

*    We find it necessary to work out a new team.


Digne de, mériter, valoir bien

*    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the wrong words can make the picture worthless.

*    It is also worth emphasizing that these assessments make sense.

*    The trip will be worth it.


Écrire, rédiger

*    How to write engineering specifications.


Donner, produire, livrer

*    Substituting (2) into (1) yields





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*       How to write in English – Jean-Max Thomson- Nathan – 2002

*       At the negotiation table, l'anglais des affaires – Michèle Rivas – Dunod – 1988

*       Dictionnaire de l'anglais des affaires – Guillaume de La Roque et Yono Bernard – Le Livre de Poche- 1988

*       L'anglais économique et commercial – JP. Berman, M. Marcheteau, M. Savio – Presss Pocket - 1979

*       Anglais scientifique (U.S. / G.B.) – JP. Soula et A.Bellecourt – Presses Pocket - 1989

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